Super Eagles forward Victor Osimhen did not bring a new COVID variant to Italy upon his return from Nigeria last December, according to official statement from the Hospital Federico II in Naples.

The 22-year-old recovered from a shoulder injury he picked up from international duties with Nigeria but tested positive for COVID at the beginning of January after he had attended a surprise birthday party without wearing a protective mask in Lagos.

Regione Campania claimed earlier this week a new COVID variant had been detected in a “professional returning from Africa.”

“A professional returning from a trip to Africa tested positive for COVID19 and thanks to the collaboration between the laboratories of Federico II and the Hospital Pascale, Giuseppe Portella of Federico II identified a highly suspicious case and in a very short time the team of Nicola Normanno discovered a COVID variant never detected in Italy so far,” the statement read.20210216 200526

According to Il Napolista, the professional mentioned in the statement is Victor Osimhen, but the Federico II has denied the report.

“We categorically deny the news that Napoli player Victor Osimhen is the professional from Africa that would have allowed to isolate the variant Covid B.1.525.

“There are no players of SSC Calcio Napoli involved in this. All health data are always strictly processed in full respect of the protection of privacy.”

A Napoli spokesman has told ANSA “every Napoli player underwent swab tests after Osimhen had tested positive, verifying that no other player had been infected. The club is waiting for official news from health authorities on the fact that Osimhen may have had the variant.”

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