Barcelona presidential candidate Joan Laporta aimed a gibe at Real Madrid ahead of the presidential election in the Catalan club.

Barcelona presidential campaign has begun and different candidates are doing all they can to ensure they win the coming election.

Laporta and Victor Font are two notable candidates vying for the post of the club president and the race is still open at the moment.

The former president Laporta has taken a giant step by taunting Real Madrid, the ex-Barcelona number one erected a huge campaign banner near the Santiago Bernabeu with an inscription which says: ‘I want to see you again’.

Real Madrid fans won’t like such a move but it would be adored by Barcelona faithful, Laporta posted the picture via his personal Twitter account as well.

Laporta’s actions are to show power play, as he aims to show his rival how it is done, Barcelona witnessed great success under Laporta with Pep Guardiola in the dugout Barcelona won every title and even won six titles in a year.

Barcelona will appoint a new president at the end of next month.

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