Diego Amando Maradona has revealed that he knew Barcelona would make Lionel Messi’s exit from the club almost impossible.

The Argentine legend who turned 60 on Friday felt sorry for his countryman after he tried to leave the Catalan giants in the summer but was denied his wishes by the club president, who later resigned alongside the board.

Maradona left Camp Nou himself after two seasons at the club and then went to new heights at Napoli were he remains a cult-hero until these day.messi sadd

“I knew it was going to end badly and I thought Leo was going to leave,” Maradona told the Argentinian newspaper Clarin. “It happened to me too. Barcelona is not an easy club and he has been there for many years and was not treated as he deserves.

“He gave them everything, he took them to the top and one day he wanted to leave to get a change of scenery and they said no. What happens is that slamming the door is not easy; there is a contract, a very big club, people who love you. I didn’t do it at Napoli.”Maradona Messi

Meanwhile, the World Cup winner revealed his biggest regrets apart from using drugs during his playing career.

“Football gave me everything I have, more than I could have imagined,” he stated. “And if I hadn’t had that [drug] addiction, I would have been able to play much more. But now that is in the past, I am well and what I regret most is not having my parents.”

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