Barcelona has installed an interim president following the exit of Maria Bartomeu from the club.

The report in Spanish media reveals that Carlos Tusquets is now the president of the club, though on an interim basis, the new president will guide the Catalan giants through the next few months ahead of the new board elections early next year.

The 80-year-old Tusquets founded FIBANC (now named Banco Mediolanum) aged 32 and six years later, he was named head of Círculo de Economía.

The iconic businessman was linked to 56 different companies as of August 2019 as reported by El Mundo. He has also been touted to lead the club someday as a president but he has never decided to officially run for the position.

Tusquets warned Bartomeu and his board members against the unsustainable wage bill at the club compared to their budgetary constraints.

Tusquets now must analyse the financial situation at the club and decide how to proceed with the proposed wage cuts.

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