AC Milan legend Alessandro Costacurta has expressed shock following recent reports that Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema told teammates not to pass it to Vinicius.

The Frenchman was caught on camera in the tunnel telling countryman Ferland Mendy during a 2-2 Champions League draw with Borussia Monchengladbach not to pass to the Brazilian.

He said: ‘Don’t play with him. I swear on my Mother’s life, he is playing against us.’Alessandro Costacurta Reveals Nightmare Defending 16-Year-Old Lionel Messi

Speaking with Sky Sport Costacurta said: “It’s very surprising, I’ve never heard of anything like it, not within my team or the opposition, unless they were joking. However, looking at their faces, they were not joking, they were saying it seriously.

“That is truly without logical explanation. It seems bizarre that this kid just arrived at Real Madrid and could say it, but Benzema saying it is truly stunning. Hopefully, Zinedine Zidane sorted it out and had a word with them.”

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