Napoli manager Gennaro Gattuso believes the arrival of Super Eagles towering striker, Victor Osimhen will proffer solution to the club’s attacking conundrum.
Speaking during a press conference on Tuesday, Gattuso described Osimhen as the long-awaited solution to his attacking headache, adding that he plans to try something new with the Nigerian International.
“We will try something new in the attack.  Osimhen will give us different solutions in attack
” Osimhen will make us play in another way, verticalizing and looking for a way to keep the ball and dribble. We will immediately go in search of formation with two or three attackers.
Osimhen Napoli
“He will give us different solutions, he knows how to attack spaces well and has great physical strength. He can give us a huge a massive advantage” he told Tuttosports during Tuesday.
Gattuso also believes the team is gradually evolving into a crack side that will can change the status quo in Serie A which has witnessed Juventus’ dominance for nine straight seasons.
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Victor Osimhen pictured in his first training with Napoli
“We are a strong team right now. We are satisfied with the players we have, we have young people who are among the best in Europe. I am happy, then there are problems of Covid-19. A lot has been lost, and the fans are not allowed to watch matches, but I train and I’m happy.
” I have ideas for Mertens and Osimhen pairings but let’s see, “Gattuso concluded.
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