Tottenham Hotspur Coach, Jose Mourinho has claimed that legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson wanted him to sign Dele Alli for Manchester United but admits that the midfielder is a lazy trainer.

In one of the first three episodes of the Amazon Prime Video documentary All or Nothing airing next Monday, a preview was shown where Mourinho made the confession to Spurs chairman Daniel Levy about Alli.

He said: “I told already Dele very directly that he doesn’t train well, he is not a good trainer. I am not saying a disaster but I am not saying Harry Kane, Harry Kane is a very good trainer.

“Sir Alex Ferguson gave me only one bit of advice in two and a half years (at Manchester United): Buy Dele Alli. That guy, with that mentality, the way he plays, the aggression he has in mind. This guy is the Manchester United player. Buy Dele Alli’.alli n mou

“And he (Ferguson) has an eye for a player. But he (Alli) is not a good trainer, we need to find motivation for the guy.”

During Mourinho’s first training session at Tottenham, he went up to Alli and said: “F***ing lazy. I am going to be a pain in the ass for you. And you are lucky because when I am a pain in the ass it means I like you. Training, I understood already that you are a f***ing lazy guy in training. I don’t need more days. Lazy.

“What I want to tell you is this, I think you feel that I like you. I like you as a player and I like you as a kid, I think you are a nice kid. I don’t want to be your father because you have your father, I don’t want to be your uncle or brother, I just want to be your coach but with a good connection.

“So I have to tell you always what I think. Inside of you maybe you tell me to f*** off but I have to tell you what I think. For me, since the beginning I have no doubts about your potential. I saw you do incredible matches and things. But I always felt that you had ups and downs.

“There is a huge difference between a player that keeps consistency and a player that has moments. And that is what makes the difference between a top, top player and a player that has potential.alli n mou

“Why you have in your career these ups and downs, I don’t know. I don’t know if it is to do with your lifestyle, in one period you are an amazing professional and in another period you become a party boy.

“I don’t know, I have no idea, only you can know that. I am 56 now and yesterday, I was 20. Time flies. Time flies. I think one day I think you will regret if you don’t reach what you can reach.

“I am not expecting you to be the man of the match every game, I am not expecting you to score goals every game, I am just telling you that you will regret. You should demand more from you, not me demanding more from you. Not me, nobody. You, I think you should demand more from you.”

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