From Düsseldorf, venue of this year’s Europa League finals between Inter and Sevilla, Victor Moses speaks ahead of the finals in an interview with FCinternews.

How do you feel?

VM: “We are tired, we went to bed late… But the most important thing is to have qualified”.


How are you feeling inside this ‘bubble’?

VM: “I think like my teammates, these days are very different. But we are enjoying these days here in Germany, also because we are winning. Isn’t that right?

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Do you enjoy life in a hotel?

VM: “Yes, I like to relax and spend time for myself. As a footballer you need it ”.


You played in two different stadiums, you changed three cities …


VM: Yes, but the climate has never changed. Then it doesn’t matter which hotels we go to, so we only stay for lunch and dinner ”.

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But do you feel a bit pulled out of your comfort zone?


VM: “Yes, but in the end, we are here to play football. This is the most important thing. We are professionals.

I agree, that’s why we’re here. If we have come this far, it is only because we made it on our own. If we had lost the first game we would not be here. We are footballers, we have won some matches and we have reached the final

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Antonio Conte wants you to always be ready?

VM: “True. He is a passionate one, who prepares and plays games first. He wants us to give 110% on every game. Then see his reactions during matches, along with those of his staff. We want to play and win for him, but in the end, we want to enjoy our football… ”

But the comrades screaming from the benches give you the same emotions?

VM: “True we don’t hear them with the fans.”

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