Super Eagles and Rangers centre back, Leon Balogun said the club is bent on checkmating Celtics’ decades of dominance as Ibrox launch Operation stop the 10.
The former Mainz defender had a dream debut in Rangers’ away win over Aberdeen last week, but the light-skinned defender posited that there should be no margin for error if Rangers is to end Celtic 10 years Premier League dominance.
“I still have to learn about (the size of Rangers) because with the fans being excluded and all the restrictions, I’ve not been able to get a full idea yet,” he admitted. “Over social media, you get an idea but it’s not the reality.
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“But I think Rangers’ ambition is pretty clear. I’ve read a hashtag – ‘Stop the 10’, something like that. And the number 55 is a big one, too.
“So that’s a pretty clear goal for this team. Obviously the club will do everything to accomplish that,” he told sports mole.
Leon also believes the Scottish League will come with it’s the pressure given the strength of the club, adding that it won’t be different from what he’d experienced at Wigan Athletic.
“I thought about the pressure I’ll face here compared to at Wigan not too long ago,” said the 32-year-old. “It’s similar I’d say, but with the size of this club and the expectation, I think you will get to feel a bit more frustration than maybe you would getting relegated at a different club.
“Do I feel an injustice about what happened to Wigan? Definitely. I’m sad actually as I really enjoyed my stay at the club. The people there are nice and no one deserves what has happened. It’s such a shame.
“We had a positive goal difference, we actually achieved 59 points but then to be relegated is just tough. I just hope that the club can recover soon.”. he concluded.
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