Premier League clubs have voted to revert to a maximum of three substitutes for next season.

Clubs voted 11-9 against the proposals to stick with five substitutes for the 2020/21 season after the rule was brought in during Project Restart to help clubs get through the crowded fixture schedule.

This means Nigeria’s Odion Ighalo’s may find it hard to get minutes on the pitch.

There was also a vote – which ended 10-10 – to extend match day squads to 20 players but that will also revert to seven players on the bench for next season.

The Premier League meeting needed a majority of 14-6 to get any proposal voted through after lawmakers IFAB made the five subs rule available for all leagues next season.

It is understood the big clubs were in favour of five subs but the smaller teams against it because they feel it gave their opponents too much of an advantage as they have bigger and more strength in depth.

The five subs was brought in post-lockdown and clubs like Manchester City and Manchester United were able to bring on superstar substitutes to win a game.

Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson revealed last month that they originally voted in favour of five subs – it was brought in with a majority of 16-4 – but would vote against it this time.

It is believed all three promoted clubs – Leeds, West Brom and Fulham – voted against five subs.

Mirror Sport understands the clubs were also in favour of VAR for next season after a presentation from Premier League boss Richard Garlick on how FIFA will take charge of video refs next year.

That will allow referees to check touchline monitors on decisions on goals, red cards and penalty kicks which was understood to have gone down well.

But the clubs have decided to KEEP the controversial offside lines used by broadcasters even though it often causes criticism of “armpit offsides” and the delays in how long it takes to decide.

Every European league uses the same lines but the Premier League is the only one to make them available to TV companies.

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