Former Arsenal and Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has explained the difference between the winning mentalities of both clubs.

Fabregas insists that winning at all cost makes Chelsea different from Arsenal, which made the difference between winning trophies and failing to do so.

The Spaniard played for Arsenal from 2003-11 and picked up just one trophy in that time, the 2005 FA Cup before he left for Barcelona.

He made a return to Premier League to played for Chelsea for four-and-a-half seasons at Stamford Bridge, the midfielder won two Premier League titles, the FA Cup and a League Cup.

‘Some teams I played in at Arsenal and Chelsea were similar in terms of talent, but the difference I felt straightaway is that at Chelsea we were ruthless,’ Fabregas told the Telegraph.

‘At Arsenal, there were fantastic, top, top players, but at Chelsea, we didn’t care if one day we had to win 1-0 by not touching the ball for the whole match.

‘At Arsenal, and it was maybe partly my fault at some point as the leader and captain that I was, sometimes we forgot that to win leagues and Champions Leagues, you need to win ugly.

‘When I was young I always wanted to play the beautiful game, but there are always five or six games a season that you need to struggle but win. At Chelsea, we did that. We were very competitive and very experienced.

‘Chelsea basically every year has won a trophy, so it’s a different animal in this case. ‘In terms of trophies, Arsenal needs it more and for confidence for next year and getting into Europe. ‘Chelsea is in the Champions League and Arsenal has nothing at the moment.’

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