By Ayoola Adeleke

Unfortunate is an understatement for families who have cried out to government and Football administrators in the country calling for their intervention on what alone they can do themselves without calling on any second party.

I’m not inking to the family on a bitter note, rather I’m advising on how they can set the pace for other families of athletes in the country. No doubt, the untimely death of Ifeanyi George on that black Sunday is nothing good for anyone to dwell on, but the good thing we can be proud of is the Insurance scheme put in place which has earned the family a sum of twenty million Naira.


Kudos to the club under the chairmanship of Mr Davidson Owumi for putting up with time by insuring the life of their players. Though nobody would have prayed for the collection of such compensation for the untimely death of a footballer but this shows that our clubs can become good if we are ready to follow the right steps.

The presentation of the #20,000,000 to the family is commendable, moreso sharing the money on the equal ground especially the trust fund opened for the late player’s kid, but what next?

In as much as I’m not a member of the family and not entitled or privy to how the money will be spent, however, I will like to drop my cent on how things should be done properly and not come cap in hand in the nearest future begging the Enugu state government, Rangers International management or the NFF to come to their rescue.

What to be Considered.
Ifeanyi George is not the only child of his family and now that he is gone, it is the responsibility of his brethren to take care of his family he left behind, as such, I want to believe that they are capable to maintain the good legacy of their late brother

The Wife: I’m not in a position to tell you what to do, but I believe the two million Naira given to you will never in any way be what you will live on for the rest of your life, Never! Ifeanyi George was under 30 years of age when he passed on, meaning you are also and have got a long time to leave thus, you can restart a new life somewhere else and stand up to taking care of your daughter and other fruits that will be coming out of you. I believe you are wise enough to understand this half statement, hence build on it.

Ifeanyi George 2

The Kid
Yes, your father is no more, he has gone and will never return to even be part of your growth and development in life even your achievement and other greater things to achieve, but no doubts he will be engraved somewhere in your heart. Eight million Naira is more than enough to see you through the pursuit of your academic to PhD level. There are schools where you can spend #50,000 in a term and you will come out the well-trained and hot brain in this country as there are other kids who will never have access to private schools, yet will still become great in life so you have gotten more than enough to excel.

If fifty thousand naira is spent termly, you will be spending #5,400,000 till your Secondary school education. #2,600,000 is enough to see you through university education in a government-owned institution, and I believe at that age, you would have become a woman and need no man’s help than Divine.
Having said that, how do we then achieve this? That will be the responsibility of the financial institution where the education trust fund account has been opened to do thorough follow up and ensure that money is only withdrawn when for its purpose. The welfare department of Enugu state government or Enugu Rangers can also help in this regard.

Ifeanyi George

The Family
Ten million Naira given, fine! But the money is enough for greater things to be achieved than merely been shared for the fun of it. Dear parents of Ifeanyi George, though the dead is gone, but as Africans, we believe that the dead will not be happy if things left behind are not well managed, so please make sure that this money is utilised like the five talents given to the servant according to the scripture, do not bury it in frivolities. It will be shameful to hear that things are not going fine for the little kid left behind by our dear Ifeanyi.
Think about these words. Thank you as I await seeing my little baby at the top in twenty years from now.

Ayoola Adeleke is a Broadcast Journalist with a bias for football and tourism. Currently works at Rhythm FM Benin City as a Sports presenter and as well writes for other media. Doing things the right way is his idea of government. @Adelekeayoola1 on Twitter.

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