Ex-Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has blasted the Blaugrana squad, he believes the current team has too much power which has affected their performance.

Rosell is of the option that Barcelona’s dressing room needs to be examined and restructured after they lose the La Liga title to Real Madrid.

“The squad rules too much,” said Rosell, referring to player power inside the club.
“Without making a revolution, because it cannot be done for market and economic reasons, a profound evolution must be made.

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“The squad has to be renewed. Not all, but a good part.”
Rosell also called for the club’s sporting teams to be broken up.

He added: “We cannot continue to be victims of the motto ‘More than a club’, that each member decides which sections they want to be a member of and that each section has its income.”

The squad dictate a lot of things in terms of who to be the teams’ manager, the players the club should sign, and other key decisions that should be decided by the directors are undertaken by the key players in the squad.

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