Manchester City are set to learn the fate of their appeal against a two-year UEFA ban on Monday.

The club have been banned from competing in European competition for the next two seasons after being previously found guilty of breaching Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

City have always maintained their innocence over the matter, and launched their appeal shortly after UEFA handed out the original verdict.

Pep Guardiola has said he is “confident” Man City will overturn the ban following the hearing at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) last month.

And the CAS have now confirmed a decision will be announced this coming Monday at 9:30am.

By that time City may have already qualified for next season’s Champions League, as they need just a win from Saturday’s clash with Brighton to ensure their place in the top four.

However if UEFA decide to uphold the ban and boot them out of the competition, their place would be deferred to whichever team finishes fifth in the Premier League table.

One possible reason for City’s case being thrown out would be over the validity of the evidence put forward accusing them of breaching FFP rules.

UEFA banned City off the back of information published by Der Speigel , who blew the whole scandal wide open by releasing documents allegedly hacked from the club’s communications by Football Leaks .

Should CAS deem that evidence to be admissable, it would then be down to whether they feel City have used their position to circumvent the rules to their advantage.

The documents appeared to show City had overstated their sponsorship revenue to enable them to spend more money in the transfer market, largely through sponsors Etihad, who are backed by the same Abu Dhabi state for which club owner Sheikh Mansour is deputy Prime Minister.

City branded the acquisition of the documents as “unlawful” and have since put up a staunch defence in response.

Speaking at the weekend, City manager Pep Guardiola said: “We are ready. I have a lot of confidence and trust with the people that we will be allowed to play the Champions League, because we want to be on the field during these years.

“On July 13 we will know the resolution, hopefully, for the club – all the workers, players and everyone here, staff – to try to continue growing up as a club in the next years.”

Should City’s ban be upheld, it could leave UEFA with egg on their face come this season’s end if Guardiola is able to lead his side to Champions League glory in the coming months before their two-year exile.

City are currently 2-1 up in their last-16 tie with Real Madrid, with the second leg due to be played on August 7.

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