While the vigil continues for his eagerly anticipated move to Napoli, Victor Osimhen finds time to speak about his background, Super Eagles and Euro dream in an exclusive interview with CalcioNapoli24.it on Thursday(today).
Enjoy excerpts…..
 “I was born and raised in Lagos in a small community, I lost mom when I was very young and a month after her loss my father lost his job. At that point, we started selling water in our street, but I had dreams to fulfil. The story is very long, we had problems eating but in my mind, there was confidence in believing that something would change. Having a dream in mind was something that led me to go on and not to give up. I remember that when we found an apartment, Dad let me play on the local team.
Parental Guide
In Nigeria, many dreams are broken because there is no one to push you forward. I put school aside to chase the dream of becoming a footballer, and my family supported me. Education remains fundamental because that is what you go on with “.
My father wanted me to be a doctor, but he cried with joy when I scored”
My family is everything for me and to have the chance to visit them in Nigeria was important: I hadn’t seen them since November, and when my agent informed me of the possibility I went there immediately.
Victor Osimhen
 Football In The Family
Quite true, he was a striker like I am: he scored many goals in training matches, I often watched him and I wanted to play with him. He supported us a lot, it was difficult for him to leave football to support us, but in the end, he was my first fan. And he likes Manchester United
 Education Background
I wanted to play football, I had already spent a lot of time since childhood schooling. At some point I was about to leave when I was at the secondary school since it’s not that I was coming from who knows where, but my family pushed me to continue playing. They worked so hard to make my dream come true, and I started training seriously. Many coaches in Lagos didn’t want me, but I knew that football would make me happy so I didn’t lose hope. Dad might have wanted me to become a doctor, yet he let me play football: he came to see me in tournaments, he took me to see the games. When I scored, he cried with joy and I was proud of how he supported my dream.
First Earning
 It was a good feeling when I had earned a nice sum I called my relatives to go out to eat or take them somewhere else. The first thing done after the end of the quarantine was to go to Nigeria, to see my family: it was my wish, and I want to do lots of things for them.
Comfort Zone
 It is important to get out of my comfort zone to show what I can offer. If you leave the comfort zone, that’s where you start giving everything and working hard to get what you want. And I’m happy, because my choices paid off . “


How Wolfsburg Prepared Me
“If  Mr. Hecking had remained in Wolfsburg, I would have had a better chance because he had chosen me. But at that point, I would have also played in the fourth division. I talked to my brother about it, I told him I should start playing somewhere else. My agent found me interesting clubs in Belgium, he was sure to find me a team in their first division: I was anxious to prove my worth, however, no signing materialized. I stayed to work on my skills at Wolfsburg in 2018 because I was always sure of what I could do on the pitch. I wanted to prove that they were wrong about me.
I have no regret for choosing Wolfsburg, I knew it would be the best destination because they believed in me: I knew I would play little because in any case, some players like Origi, Mario Gomez and another Belgian like Dimata were ahead of me.
It was not easy to get enough playing time, but I knew their level and wanted to learn from them.
Lille and Charleroi Impact
 I know that what I did in Lille and Charleroi is based on what I learned at Wolfsburg. I’m not the type who thinks too much about the past, but I thought that what had happened to me at Wolfsburg would not have happened again at Charleroi. Everything that happened to me left a mark on me, I always tried to learn something from every experience. I wasn’t downcast, because I knew I could make my family proud.
Life At Charleroi
I will never forget the call from Charleroi. The president told me that he would like to sign me on. My agent confirmed it to me. I would have signed without the medicals, I was overjoyed after the rejection from Zulte Waregem and Bruges. When I arrived, they told me I would sign the next day. It was a dream come true
 I was very happy to play against Bruges and Zulte, I always wanted the ball and I managed to score goals and assists in those matches: it was a huge joy, I could have become their player instead I scored against them. It was a good feeling. I scored twenty goals that season, and that’s where I scored my first professional goal before returning to the national team.
Meeting Neymar And Alves
I remember seeing Neymar at the airport in 2016, during a trip to Brazil: I ran to him for a photograph, I was heedless of the security present. I made one with him and with Dani Alves, I posted it on Facebook and it was a wonderful feeling.
Victor Osimhen
Champions League and World Cup Dream
I want to play in one of the major clubs in the world and win the Champions League. I also want to win something with Nigeria. I want to win, I hope it is not too big a dream.
Wearing the national team shirt, for me was beautiful from day one, a great privilege. Nigeria produces a lot of talent and has produced them over the years, just think of names like Nwankwo Kanu and Jay-Jay Okocha. Tactically there are some details that we need to improve. “
Leisures and Likes
I sleep a lot, until the early hours of the afternoon when there is a day of rest. I really like food. There is an African dish that I like a lot, although in Lille i couldn’t find it easily. I like lasagna and pasta, sometimes I find dishes that remind me of my land in Brussels.
Hobbies besides football
 I like fashion and music, as well as doing some business with my brothers and sisters. I really like the music.
The Under 17 World Cup Triumph
In the career of every player, there is a decisive turning point: I realized that life would change and that I would move to a European club. After the Under 17 World Championships, many clubs were looking for me: Barcelona, Juventus, Arsenal, Inter. But I wanted to grow, development was important for me so that I could become a good striker. Wolfsburg was a good option for me.
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