Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has admitted that his team failed to matched Liverpool desperation for the Premier League title after the 2-1 defeat against Chelsea.

The Blues defeat against Chelsea saw Liverpool crowned the English Champions for the first time since 1990, thanks to goals from Christian Pulisic and Willian.

Guardiola in his post-match conference said ‘Maybe we didn’t arrive with the same passion; Liverpool played every single game like it was the last chance they have,’ said Guardiola.
‘And maybe we didn’t get that moment, especially the key moments in the first part of the season.

‘That is the reality, that we are so far behind.

‘Liverpool were fantastic in consistency throughout the whole season.

‘We dropped points at the beginning of the season, and Liverpool didn’t drop points.

‘We’ll have to recover for next season, to be more consistent, and recover the points we missed this season.

‘That’s the reality. Two years ago we were 25 points ahead of Liverpool, and now they are this distance ahead.

‘We cannot forget that we won two titles. This is an incredible success for us, for the club; the last six, seven, eight years.

‘So we have to take a little perspective, be humble, and say “not all the time we can win”.
‘And then we must learn what we need to do to avoid this situation again.’

Manchester City will host Newcastle United in the FA Cup on Sunday.

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