Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger is ready to accept blame if new signing Timo Werner fails to perform at the Stamford Bridge.

Rudiger was influential in the signing of the RB Leipzig to Stamford Bridge and he joked that after putting in a good word on Werner, the club would be upset with him if the striker does not score enough goals!

Rudiger told Sport Bild: “Chelsea” asked me for an assessment.

“I have known Timo for a long time.
“I made a clear recommendation to do everything possible to get him.

“From the next season on he will have to deliver, otherwise I will get trouble from the club afterwards.”

He added: “Although he [Werner] is not a classic penalty area striker, he has a certain robustness well suited to the toughness of English football.

“Counterattacking may have been more difficult for him at Bayern Munich or with a top Italian team, who are always dealing with opponents who sit very deep.

“Even outside the group of top clubs, many teams try to play positive and attacking football against us.

“This will give him the space he needs and hopefully he can use it as much as he did at Leipzig.”

Chelsea will be up against Manchester City at the Stamford Bridge on Thursday evening.

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