Cameroon football legend Roger Milla has intervened in the discussion involving the debate between Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona, the Cameroonian legend believes that Argentina should celebrate having produced two of the greatest players of all time.

Messi has been compared with Maradona over the past years after the Barcelona star established himself as one of the best in his generation.

Many believe that this is way short of Diego Maradona’s legendary status unless he can lead the national team back to a World Cup glory.

However, Milla – who knows a thing or two about being a legend of the beautiful game – believes comparisons are not warranted.

“I have seen Leo several times, but I have not had the opportunity to talk to him. He is another wonderful footballer,” the Cameroonian told La Nacion, as quoted by Tribal Football.

“When he left Argentina, no one would have imagined that he would be so successful in Barcelona. And if he succeeded, it is because he worked and worked for that.

“Honestly, at that very, very high level, you shouldn’t make a comparison. They [Messi and Maradona] have almost the same football. One thing is certain: they are two great players from two different generations.

“And you have to have something very clear: Argentina was and is lucky to have them. It’s a matter of enjoying them.”

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