Ex-Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas has revealed why he backed out in the race for the presidency post of the Spanish football federation.

Casillas said the main reason that led him to change his mind was “the exceptional social, economic and health situation that our country is suffering.”

“This makes the elections take a back seat,” the 39-year-old former Spain captain said in a statement published on Twitter. “I think it is time to add and not divide.”

Casillas had announced his candidacy in February, saying he wanted to raise the federation to the same level of Spanish football, which he called “the best in the world.”

He said his decision does not mean “a closed-door for the future.”

“I wanted a fair, transparent and truly participatory electoral process, looking for the best for Spanish football,” he said. “I hope that in the next elections it can happen with me or with other candidates.”

Luis Rubiales is the current federation president. He took over in 2018.

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