The Lagos-born winger Arnaut Groeneveld Danjuma has revealed how he was handcuffed in the street for murder only for the police to later find out he was the wrong man just days before the coronavirus lockdown.

The 23-year-old has endured a tough debut season in Premier League, missing Bournemouth’s first six games through injury and later picking up a foot problem which has kept him sidelined ever since mid-December with only 10 games in all competition for Eddie Howie’s men.

Danjuma – who joined the Cherries in a £13.7million move from Club Brugge last summer – was walking through the town centre when he was suddenly approached by police and put in handcuffs.


Dutch-Nigerianwho told The Sun that he was falsely arrested in relation to a stabbing on 16 March: “Suddenly there was a police car there and two police officers came out of it.

“One said “Put your hands on the fence!” 

I asked, “What did I do?” They said “Put your hands on the fence, shut up!”

“So I put my hands on the fence and asked again, “What did I do?” They said to wait for the other officers to arrive.’

“They came and I asked again. It was embarrassing. People were taking pictures and it got me frustrated so I went mad on the cop. I told him things I shouldn’t have said. But I got frustrated and angry and in the end he said, ‘You’re not the one we’re looking for, you can go’.”

Danjuma added that he does not remember hearing the police apologize for the incident, but he declined to make a formal complaint as he simply wanted to move on.

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The Dutch winger also took the time to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, revealing that he believes he has been subjected to unfair treatment because of his skin colour, but he insisted that it is important to avoid feeling frustrated.

“I’ve never let myself believe that I’m in a difficult situation,” he said. “I’ve been aware of it but if you want to get out of it, you should create a skin against everything that is going to make you negative.

“There are no regrets about telling my story. But I don’t want to use it as an excuse either. I absolutely hate if people use certain things like that against me and then treat me nice, or in a different way.

“I want to be treated like anyone else and if there’s something wrong, you should tell me.”

Danjuma hopes to played a significant role helping Bournemouth to escape relegation when them host Crystal Palace at Vitality Stadium June 20.

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