The English Premier League is one place many Nigerians have blossomed.

From the likes of Efan Ekoku, to Kanu Nwanakwo and lately to the new generation of Wilfred Ndidi and Kelecho Iheanacho, a long list of Super Eagles players have showcased their talents in England.

It is thus not surprising that more and more players are looking to join the queue of Nigerian players in the Premier League and the latest is Nantes forward Simon Moses.

Simon has hinted he’ll be interested in a move to England despite the disappointment of missing out on an earlier chance with Brighton.

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Speaking in an interview with Tribal football, Simon revealed he once met with Brighton before he eventually signed for Levante.

“It was very close, but I’m happy with my football. I will take my career as it comes,” Simon told

“Yes. I was aware of some clubs seeking to sign me like Brighton showing strong interest with their package to sign me, but the deal did not see the light of the day. I don’t want to go into details about what happened.”


Simon’s future is still a subject of debate with the 24-year-old still unsure of where he’ll be playing his football next season.

The former Gent winger is on loan at Nantes from Levante, although Les Canaries are interested in signing him permanently following a brilliant campaign.

“I have strong desire to play in the EPL,” he adds. “This is my dream, but things happen in football, and I believe everything is for my good. When it is time, it is time. I believe in destiny.

“Talking about offers from other Premier League clubs, I think my manager is in the best position to handle the business of transfer or offers that comes to my table. Mine is to play football, and I leave my manager to handle that aspect for me.

“Why not? It is the dream of most footballers to play in the EPL. It is the most followed league in the world.

Moses Simon

“I’m glad that I have played in one of the best leagues in the world, which is the La Liga. Playing against Lionel Messi is like possessing a fortune. If God say that I will still play in the EPL, I will.”

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