Football expert, Lutz Pfannenstiel has rated RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsmann as tactically better Manchester City gaffer Pep Guardiola.

The highly rated 32-year-old made his meteoric to prominence at Hoffenheim in 2016 after three years alongside Pfannenstiel – the club’s former head of international relations and scouting, he is convinced that the German is a great manager.

“What also impresses me incredibly about Julian is his ability to analyse,” added Pfannenstiel. “For example, if I am a DAZN expert during a live game, I should and must recognise certain things. It takes me three minutes to decrypt a basic formation, for example. Julian needs about 30 seconds.

“Julian is even better than Pep Guardiola when it comes to reading the opponents’ style of play and adjusting the tactics accordingly during a game.


“Pep is someone who analyses a lot and then makes a decision. With Julian, the analysis runs parallel to the observation. We’re talking about a very small window of time, but it can be crucial.

“Incidentally, this is not a talent, but a gift. I’ve met a lot of coaches, but Julian has this quality exclusively. It is unique.”

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