The European football organizing body UEFA is prepared to decide the future of Champions League football after the sudden halt by COVID-19.

Football and other sporting activities were suspended after the outbreak of the pandemic and in the conference held by UEFA principal members planned for Wednesday, June 17, and Thursday, June 18, in which the following points will be addressed:

The events around the Champions League and Europa League will take place, with FIFA still not ruling out the possibility of the final in Istanbul.

Talks on the coming Champions League competition next season and Europa League qualification stages and group stages whilst trying to conclude the 2019/20 Women’s Champions League.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification group stages will also be discussed, as well as the Financial Fair Play Regulations.

The main items on the agenda for the first day of meetings are:

*UEFA Champions League and Europa League from the round of 16 onwards

*UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League 2020/21 qualification rounds, play-offs and group stages

*UEFA Women’s Champions League 2019/20 from the quarter-finals onwards

*UEFA Youth League 2019/20 and the schedule of remaining rounds

*Updates on international competitions

*Venues and fixture lists for EURO 2020

*UEFA EURO 2020 play-offs and reprogramming of group stages for the UEFA Nations League 2020/21

* European Under-21 Championship 2019/2020

* European Women’s Under 17 Championship and European Under-19 Championship fixture lists and formats

*Resumption of Futsal

The main points which will be discussed on the second day of meetings are:

*FIFA 2022 World Cup qualification group stage draw

* Club licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations

*UEFA Heading Guidelines

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