Stephen Keshi would have been 60 years by now June 7, 2020, but sadly he is long gone to the great beyond earlier than most ever imagined.

However, while it seems it was a sudden demise for the Big Boss, there are suggestions that Keshi saw his death coming and his better-off in the great beyond than living a miserable life here on earth.

It is an open secret that the beginning of the end for Keshi was when he lost his dearest wife Kate to death in 2015

Keshi kate

When he lost Kate, his soulmate and wife in 2015, Keshi who is widely seen outwardly to be a strong was very emotional and shaken.

The Big Boss then said the world had lost its meaning and sees no reason to live.

Keshi was not only devastated by the death of his wife who lost the battle against cancer but he never recovered himself as he died 6 months later in 2016 from a heart attack.

Though dead Keshi lives on in the hearts of millions he has touched in the round leather game first as a quintessential player and later as an astute coach with a lot of records set and broken by the Big Boss himself.

Keshi was Nigeria’s national team manager for 1,342 days, leading the side to win the Africa Cup of Nations in 2013, 19 years after the last triumph in Tunisia when he was the captain.

Keshi also led the Super Eagles to both the FIFA Confederations Cup that same year and the World Cup the following year.

stephen keshi nigeria coach 3479981

When he qualified Nigeria for the 2014 World Cup on 16 November 2013, he became the first African to qualify two different teams to the World Cup having in 2005 qualified Togo for the 2006 World Cup.

In 2013 when Nigeria won the Africa Cup of Nations for the third time, Keshi became the second person to win the premier African football title as a player and as a coach, following the path of Egypt’s Mahmoud El Gohary.

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