Barcelona is set to complete the signing Sao Paulo forward Gustavo Maia as the deal is expected to be sealed later this month.

The Camp Not outfit is prepared to activate a purchase option on Sao Paulo teenager Gustavo Maia, according to the player’s representative.

Maia has was sensational in the Copa Sao Paulo and he has caught the attention of Barcelona and led to them agreeing to part with €1million for the option to sign him before the end of this month.

Sao Paulo want Barcelona to pay additional €3.5m to sign Maia permanently and his representative Danilo Silva is confident the deal would be signed.

“We are sure Barcelona will complete the purchase,” he told Radio Transamerica in quotes reported by Globo Esporte.

“There was already a signal from the club and [on Monday] Maia started private Spanish lessons to get more prepared.

“Other clubs came to us in the last few months but he never had any doubt, he always wanted Barcelona.”

Sao Paulo director Alexandre Passaro said they have not yet been notified that Barcelona wish to purchase Maia, however.

“Whether he will go to Barcelona or not, we can’t be sure, because they have until June 30 to notify us and they still haven’t,” said Passaro.

“The last time I spoke to them they said everything is very uncertain.

“La Ligaset the restart of games for June 11. Who knows, they may give us a signal in the next 30 days to find out whether Maia is going or not.”

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