Brazilian hero Sylvinho tells Barcelona to cash in on Philippe Coutinho and sign Neymar in the coming transfer window.

The former Barcelona defender believes Barcelona needs Neymar to reach the next level after he saw Neymar up close during his spell as Lyon manager in Ligue 1.

He told Mundo Deportivo: “There are many determining factors behind this, such as the economic issue.

“(But) who is going to tell you that Neymar cannot return? He is a very complete player, extraordinary. I love these types of players, it makes your eyes shine. His individual capacity is… mamma mía!”

Sylvinho also commented on the future of Philippe Coutinho at Barca.

“He has a lot of quality, he has a goal, but it didn’t work out for Barça, hopefully, if he returns to Barcelona he can triumph, if not at Barça he will triumph in some other great club.”

And on Barca midfielder Arthur Melo, he added: “He is a great player, we work with him in the national team, he has projection and quality, he can make the game more vertical, play more forward than he does. He is young, he has a different quality.”

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