Chelsea winger Callum Hudson-Odoi has fallen sick again after his first day in training following  his role with the model he met on the social media.

The attacker was the first Premier League player to contact the COVID-19 back to the start of the lockdown and he was able to fight back to regain his health.

Odoi was accused of suspected rape and arrested as a result at the weekend (as per The Daily Mail), things have been rather bleak for the 18-year old.

Odoi resumed training with the rest of the Chelsea players on the first day back to training on Tuesday but he was feeling unwell, and according to report in the Telegraph, Hudson-Odoi missed training yesterday due to falling unwell.

He has fallen ill with an unrelated case and has been prescribed a course of medication as a result.

It is unclear how many days training he will miss due to the illness, but let’s hope that it is just a small issue and he is soon back once again.

Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante was also exempted from training to due to health-related issue, Odoi would be the second Chelsea player to be exempted from training due to a similar issue.

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