Former Barcelona president Joan Laporta is set to run for the club presidency in 2021 elections.
Laporta was the club president from 2003 to 2010 and he is hoping to get back to the Barcelona hot seat.

Laporta promoted Pep Guardiola to the senior team during his time as the president of the club and Guardiola built a team that conquered Spain, Europe and the World at large.

Laporta is working on reuniting with Manchester City manager once again and he feels Xavi Hernandez is not in a better position to coach the Barcelona team.

Laporta is of the view that Xavi still has some of his teammates in the team and leading them would not be as easy as it ought to be.

But he never downplayed the professionalism of the former Barcelona captain, Laporta is keen on returning to the Barcelona director box and make things right once again, a possible reunion with Guardiola is on the card.

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