The World Football governing body FIFA is interested in the deal involving Manchester United and Sporting Lisbon when both clubs transact for the transfer of Bruno Fernandes in January.

Sampdoria called FIFA attention to deal having feel they are entitled to certain per cent of the deal which involves their former player switching club to Old Trafford.

Fernandes moved to Old Trafford in January with a transfer fee of around 50 million euros, with Sampdoria keen on the notion that the transfer due to a supposed 10 per cent sell-on included in Fernandes’ move from Sampdoria to Sporting in 2017.

FIFA is prepared to investigate the transfer of the Portuguese midfielder to the Manchester United.

“We can confirm that on April 3, 2020, the Italian club, Sampdoria, lodged a claim with FIFA against the Portuguese club, Sporting Clube de Portugal, related to financial obligations set out in the contract corresponding to the transfer of the Portuguese player, Bruno Fernandes,” FIFA said in a statement.

“The matter is currently being investigated and consequently, we cannot provide further comments.”

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