Tottenham Hotspurs has denied Nigerian youngster Junior Nkwonta to reunite with Jose Mourinho at North London.

Red Devils have refused to offered Nkwonta a scholarship contract, meaning that he will have to find a new club ahead of the 2020-21 campaign.

The Nigerian teenager is preparing to leave Manchester United and has agreed to train with their Premier League rivals Tottenham with a view to a potential deal.

According to All Nigeria Soccer claim that Tottenham Hotspurs were not interested in offering Nkwonta a contract due to his height, which means the highly-rated central defender will not reunite with Mourinho year after being sacked by the fallen Premier League giants.

The Nigerian descent is thinking about changing his position, from a centre back to a defensive-minded midfielder.

The youngster has also trained with Football League clubs Peterborough United and Exeter City with a view to being offered a contract, and expects to get more trial opportunities when football activities resume in England.

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