Former Chelsea defender David Luiz has expressed his regret after quitting Chelsea for Arsenal in the last summer.

The Brazilian defender admitted that he had some doubts after he quit the Stamford Bridge outfit, Chelsea, to sign for fellow London rivals Arsenal in the lat summer.

Luiz completed a surprising move to Arsenal under former Gunners manager Unai Emery after the Spanish manager aimed to solve Arsenal’s defence frailty.

Luiz’s performance so far has been a hit and miss signing, as he has made several high profile mistakes and Arsenal are not near the top four equation.

“It wasn’t easy at first,” Luiz said to ESPN Brasil.

“Not only [because] of adaptation, but also because of the criticism, the sadness of many Chelsea fans for not understanding my personal decisions.

“My respect and love for Chelsea have always been true. It was difficult to deal with the emotional part, then playing, things were not happening on the pitch, the results weren’t coming.

“Unai is a great coach and a great person, but things weren’t happening for him either. So you get into a stir and try to stay upright, and strong.

“And I often wondered why this decision was made. Why is this happening?

“First of all, I was always very happy at Chelsea.

“And then the understanding of knowing that my cycle was over, even though I thought it wasn’t going to end that way, in a quick decision.

“I decided to leave Chelsea before I even had my doors open at Arsenal.

“I know that Arsenal didn’t come at a great moment, they weighted their defence, I go there and I’ll have to pay the restaurant bill without having eaten.

“But I’m going because I want something new for my life, I want to learn.”
Luiz could consider a move away from the Emirate Stadium if the Gunner failed to reach the Champions League group stage.

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