Real Madrid has suffered another loss of an icon Goyo Benito Rubio after the legendary defender was pronounced dead by the club.

Benito Rubio represented Real Madrid between 1969 and 1982, making 420 competitive appearances for the Los Blancos.

Rubio was born in Puente del Arzobispo (Toledo) on October 21, 1946, and at 16 years old he joined the Real Madrid academy.

Physically developed from a young age that saw him spent 16 years at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Rubio was well known for his moustache for those that watched him play in his playing days.

The defender won six La Liga titles and five Copa del Rey trophies for Los Blancos, he is also known for his aggressive playing time.

His battles with opposing forwards are still recalled by those who saw him play – and those who were on the receiving end.

Rubio was one of the best defenders during his playing day, he died at the age of 73, just weeks after the death of former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz.

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