Lionel Messi and his teammates face a huge pay cut at Camp Nou following the adverse effect of the novel coronavirus outbreak affecting the club finances.

In a letter critical of Barcelona club officials, Lionel Messi and his teammates said on Monday they are taking a 70% cut in salaries because of the shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

All sporting activities have been suspended and it has affected the finance of most top clubs, that have huge overhead cost every week.

Barcelona is one of the clubs that is badly affected by the effect of the covid-19 but despite that, the Liga Champions have been involved in community services.

Barcelona said on Saturday it delivered 30,000 masks to the Catalonia government to help fight the pandemic. The club said it was working through its foundation “to do as much as possible to help with this crisis, both locally and internationally.”

“The club has put itself at the service of the health authorities.”

The club has to tune down the wage of their players in a bid to cope with the pandemic at the moment as the outflow of cash is not proportionate to the inflow of cash at the moment, the board need to move to strike a balance in times like this.

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