Italian defender Alessandro Favalli has explained the effect of the novel coronavirus on his body as the virus severe affect his left eye.

The virus left the left eye of the player burning and according to the report, the Reggiana defender explained the effect on the virus on his eye.

He explained that he had terrible burning in the eye and he had to call his family members for first aid assistance.

“I woke up on March 2 feeling uncomfortable,” he started. “I had a fever, a headache and my eyes were burning. I already had symptoms during the night, shivering for cold.

rang my family and they all had the same symptoms. “We’d had a family dinner a few days before.

“I knew straight away what we all had. I was never really scared for myself, I never felt that bad. I was more worried about some of my relatives, who were hit harder than me, maybe due to their different age and fitness level.”

He adopted the self-isolation treatment after he confirmed that he had the virus.
Italy has the highest number of casualties of the case of coronavirus in Europe and the second in the world after China where the coronavirus started.

Favalli, 25 was used in the 2-0 win over inter Milan in their rescheduled league game over the weekend.

The Reggiana defender is the second Italian player to contract the deadly virus after Juventus defender Danielle Rugani.

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