Former Arsenal star Jaydon Roshai Thorbourne sentenced to 26 months in prison by London court after stealing a woman £3,700 woman’s American Express credit card.

According to the Sun claims that the 22-year-old former defender indictment comet accidentally met a young girl at the bar. 

After catching up with each other, the two went to the Dorsett City Hotel in the Aldgate area in downtown London to talk. 

While he was sleeping soundly one night, Jaydon stole a credit card and went shopping indiscriminately with a bill of up to £ 3,700. 

The fire after finding out Jaydon disappeared with a credit card, the poor girl had to call the bank to lock the card and notify the police. 

By professional means, the police seized Jaydon when he was hiding in a house in Hornsey area, north of London.

 It was shocking that Jaydon was re-offended just after finishing the suspended sentence for similar behavior. 

“Jaydon clearly acted in spite of everything, Jaydon’s behavior needs to receive appropriate punishment for systematic recidivism,” the London court representative said.

Thorbourne trained with Arsenal when he was 18 where he was watched by Arsene Wenger before a spell at Crystal Palace but his career was wrecked by injury.

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