Mourinho warns Chelsea fans to change their mentality

EPL By: Iseghohi Odianosen | 23/09/2019

Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has issued warning to the club fans to change their mentality against cheering the team up when they suffer defeats in big games.

Mourinho was irked when the Stamford Bridge faithful stayed behind to cheer the players after the 2-1 defeat against Liverpool on Sunday.

Though former boss Mourinho can understand why the Chelsea fans wanted to clap, he warns them not to just settle for effort and commitment.

Mourinho, speaking on Sky Sports, said: "I hope they don't get used to it, just because you're team plays well and you accept defeat.

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“I think when you get used to it is when the big clubs, they stop becoming the big clubs.

“So, I don't think they'll get used to it but I think it shows that people are ready for what the season is going to be for them."

He added: “These people are ready to support one of the best professionals that I have ever worked with.

“A manager with potential and I think they are ready to accept what this is going to be because clearly you look today and part of the performance and result and the numbers are that Liverpool is ten-points ahead of Chelsea.

“So let's make it clear and objective, Chelsea isn't going to fight for the title, so let's support what looks like their philosophy." 

Up next for Chelsea is the clash Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday.