Ahead of the FA Cup semifinal against Manchester United, Frank Lampard is banking on the form of Christian Pulisic to help Chelsea overcome their arch-rivals at Wembley.

The former Borussia Dortmund midfielder who is fondly referred to as Captain America has scored three goals in seven premier league appearances since the return of football following the Covid-19 pandemic forced break.

“I have seen a real improvement in his all-round game,” said Lampard. “Coming to the Premier League is very difficult because of the physical nature of the league and we have to remember how young he is and the summer he had.

“I think he found those physical demands pretty strong in the beginning and now you are seeing him deal with it better. A lot of that can be credit to himself and how he has approached it.Christian Pulisic

“He has worked a lot with our strength and conditioning coach, Adam Burrows, who is fantastic. They have worked a lot together, but it is Christian who has to take on that responsibility and he has. Physically that has helped him.

“Also, just his talent is coming through. Looking forward I probably want to see more of what he has shown in recent times, which is goals and assists, because that is what the best in the world do in that position.

“I feel he has the capability to do that as he improves. That can be the edge as his game goes on and moves on levels.”

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