Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has picked the trio of Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United to challenge his side for the Premier League title next season.

The German led the Reds to a first league success in 30 years sparking wild celebrations on Merseyside.

Liverpool have been unchallenged for almost the entire season and could break the record for points acquired in a season.

But Klopp does not expect them to cruise to the title again next season and believes they could have a three-pronged challenge heading their way.

He said: “City will be strong next season, United will be strong next season, and Chelsea will be strong next season.

“The three of them, it’s obvious – City is just an outstanding team, United are in outstanding shape, Chelsea are in really good shape and is doing some interesting business.

“Tottenham will not sleep, Arsenal will not sleep, and Leicester will be there. The thing is, we have to play 38 games and who wins most of them can win the league.

“That happened now for us the first time, so we will not defend the title next year we will attack the next one.

“That will be difficult enough but we are in the same situation as other teams, it’s just what we achieved last week is something for the history books. We will try again to show that already tomorrow night.”

Klopp however won’t be able to add the FA Cup and Carabao Cup to his collection with the Blues already knocking them out of the former and City again winning the latter.

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