After his recent outburst suggesting he was denied a place at the Brazil 2014 World Cup because he failed to accede to financial demands from late Stephen Keshi’s led-technical crew, Chinedu Obasi earned himself a place in the bad books of many Nigerian football fans.

It was thus not surprising the reaction that greeted the supposed refusal of Bundesliga outfit TSG 1899 Hoffenheim to hand Obasi a deal to return to his former club.

Why reports suggested that Obasi was turned down by Hoffenheim because of his age and the fact that he was no longer considered well enough for top flight action in the Bundesliga, the Nigerian 2010 World Cup star claims he never sought a contract in the first place.

Apart from labeling the earlier reports as ‘fake news’ the livid Obasi described the largely sensational report as ‘bullshit’.


“The news is bullshit” he told @ralphcgeorge during a chat.

“The correct story is that I was training here and a reporter asked me, what if it happens that I end up here and I said that would be a dream come true but that was only answering the question of the reporter but the way they put it out looked like I went to seek contract and was not offered one.”

“No, it wasn’t like I went there to beg for a contract.”

He explains further: “I am not training with the team, there is a rehab centre which belongs to the club that I train in.”


“The reporter then asked me how it feels being back here where it all started and I told him that it feels so good and he asked, if I see myself playing here again of which I laughed and said that, that will be a dream come true to finish where it all started.” He added.

Obasi who is a hero at the German village Club being one of the players that helped them gain promotion to the elite league in 2008 insisted he never asked the Club for any contract despite training at one of the Club’s facilities, TSG Rehab.

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